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Season 1 of "Fotobonden" realeased today!

In October I went to Lydbølgen Studio in Kristiansand. We had a lot of fun in the studio,- some very intense hours of tracking fiddles, flutes and vocal. Today season 1 of "Fotobonden" is now available on and will be broadcasted on NRK1 8pm tonight!!! Cant wait to finally see this amazing production!!! A huge congratulation to Villmarksfilm AS, the producer Chris Thomas Ore Johansen and Fotobonden himself, Jostein Hellevik, Maj-Lena Knudsen, Lydbølgen Studio and to the rest of this great team!

Maj-Lena and Jostein made the choice to leave the big city and moved to the small farm called Døli in Telemark. They wanted a life with close proximity to nature, without stress and hassle. Jostein has a genuine interest in wildlife and is building arenas so he can get closer to the unique creatures that now have become his neighbours and friends. People from all over the world are visiting Jostein and Maj-Lena in Dalen in Telemark to get the most amazing nature experiences.

Photo: Dag Vennesland / Villmarksfilm

Photo by Jostein Hellevik / Villmarksfilm

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