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A visit I will never forget

There are still so many places on this strange planet that desperately need to be seen by the eyes of this world. Dearest people of Pine Ridge, Oglala, South Dakota, the Great Sioux Nation, you've got my deepest attention and my eyes will never let you out of sight, nor will my heart.

The angle of the storyteller means a great deal when you hear about history. I hope there soon will be time for this strong, brave and beautiful nation to tell their own story, by their own voice. I´m deeply touched after this visit, and while I´m sitting here at Minneapolis airport waiting for our next flight over the ocean, it occours to me once again how little and fragile we all are and how deep responsibilities we all share walking this earth together. Once again I´ve got some great new friends, and leaving this people is hard. I´m totally frozen inside after hearing about an entire nation where their livelihood systematically and brutal has been taken away from them, not only in the bygone history, but today.

Dearest people from the Great Sioux Nation, thank you for all the love, courage and trust you have shown us. Pilamaya ksto.

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