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And the winner is...

Today I won the cooking competition at "Norsk Akevittfestival" (The Norwegian Aquavit Festival)! The task was to make a dish of our own choice that suits the aquavit, all in just 10 minutes! I made chili-seasoned slices of beef on a bed of mashed potatoes with a mushroom, pepper and onion sauce, plus "Tilslørte Bondepiker" ("Veiled farm girls"), a traditional Norwegian dessert with apple jam, crunchy ruske and a sweet whipped cream. As an extra prize from Nils Jørgen, I got to make the same dish for our dinner the next day!

Here is a little fun facts about the dessert;

It is said that "Tilslørte Bondepiker" was discovered by the man who created the second written language in Norway ("nynorsk") in the middle of the 19th century, Ivar Aasen. He was in love with a peasant girl who continuously declined his proposals to marry him. One day she asked him to come over to taste her sweet stuff and Aasen had his hopes up, only to become very disappointed when he discovered she only meant tasting a dessert she had made. He named this dessert “Veiled peasant girls”, and it became a common dessert all around Norway.


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