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Faerieworlds 2014

I am happy to announce that two of my older tracks, "Ragnarok" and "Crystals are falling", now are released on this Faerieworlds album. Underneath you can read the statement from the producers:

It's time for the Faerieworlds Holiday Sale: Special Discount Prices and a Holiday Package for those of you - and there were a LOT last year! - who want to give the gift of Faerieworlds or FaerieCon West. In addition to low prices on passports, packages, and passes, our special HOLIDAY GIFT PACKAGE includes special printed tickets, a Faerieworlds sticker, and our brand new CD: MUSIC FROM THE REALM 2014! The CD, featuring tracks from some of our most popular Faerieworlds and FaerieCon bands, is a special thank you to our fans this holiday season. Featuring music from MARTINE KRAFT, OMNIA, FAUN, WOODLAND, and many more!

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