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A dream came true!

Strange how a tiny space between four walls can fill so much! This room, and this week, has been a very important step towards the realization of Iwashere and our collaboration with Acosia. The memories from last night will remind me that everything is possible if you reach for your goal with your bare heart and surround your self with people who dare to face the surface of unborned dreams. Thank you Tanja for working with your heart, for giving the artists in our town a stronger voice, and for believing in us. Without you the memories from last night would not have existed. MusiKom, Friscena, Gjøvik Kultursenter and Gjøvik kommune, thank you for letting us use «Friscena» to evolve this collaboration. Odd Egil Eiken and Patrick S. Morewood, thank you for your creativity and dedicated expertise of sound and light. Thank you Alexander Rostad , Stein Villa and Helen Louise Wesnes for your dedication to preserve this kind of precious memories. BUT, this wouldnt have been nearly as memorable without all you beautiful people choosing to be present. Nothing can be compared to a live audience showing all the colours of shared energies. I’m endlessly grateful💗

Photo: Alexander Rostad

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