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Bridging Worlds - one song at a time

Five years ago I met a wise and charismatic lady in a magical garden in Washington state. She said to me that I had to meet her daughter, Acosia. Last sommer I finally did and now, in just two weeks, we will have our very first performance together in my home town Gjøvik! Acosia is an admirable, strong, talented, determined and sweet soul that really lighten up this earth. I´m both exited, honoured and proud to see this project take it´s very first step, and welcome you to join us further on this journey.

Thank you Loveda for bringing us together and thank you Tanja, MusiKom, Gjøvik Kultursenter and Gjøvik kommune for making this concert come true.

Here we are Bridging Worlds, - one song at a time!

Tickets can be found here!

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