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I haven't been writing much lately and for good reasons. I needed some time away from sosial media and some time alone to find balance from a distance. While the bears have been hibernating I have hibernated inside my creative space and together with the beautiful spring I´m slowly coming back to join you all on this very strange virtual interplanet. During this months in silence it felt like a wave of sounds just poured through me like a mad storm, the only thing I could do was to play it all out. Luckily Jørgen has been very patient and he and his instrument has supported me the very best way. Now we´re facing at least two new albums in the distance, but we are in no hurry. First I´m looking forward to bring the melodies to my band and prepare a brand new live-set, start the booking for 2020 and to do some great duo-gigs with Jørgen before we´ll fly to a new US-adventure in July. Thank you for all your support, patient and loving messages. See you around the corner!

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