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Our Wedding Ceremony in Wallowa

Today we got married in Wallowa, on the beautiful homeland of the Nez Perce Nation, the Nimiipuu people.

We came here for the first time in 2014 and since then this has been a very special place for us. Their annual friendship festival, Tamkaliks Celebration, gather people from all over the world to enjoy three days of dancing and drumming, all culminating in a walasit service and a Friendship feast.

Picture by Benjamin Grant (2014)

We have developed so many friendships on this ground since 2014. "Tamkaliks" means "from where you can see the mountains". This people and this gathering really show how to lift the eyes towards the great mountains.

Our wedding ceremony yesterday was special and beautiful in so many ways. We feel honoured.

A very special thank you to Armand Minthorn, Fred Hill Sr., Celeste Whitewolf, all the singers and drummers, and our extended family and friends who made our wedding ceremony so special.

Learn more about the Nez Perce Nation and Tamkaliks Celebration here:

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