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HULDREBLOD - I wish you a prosper journey!

One more timetravel has been sealed, and today my sixth album has officially departured. It is named "Huldreblod" for a reason and it carries some of my deepest experiences in life so far, translated into music. I´m more than proud to release this album filled with not only my own stories, but stories that has been traveling through my homeland for centuries. Some myths might be more alive than we dare to believe.

A bunch of amazing creators stands behind this compilation of sound waves, and I´m forever grateful for your contributions. A huge hug to my band and my precious musical family; Jørgen, Stig, Jon and Freddy who share their great art, wonderful personalities and precious time. To all the amazing guest artists, and to my patient and creative producers Stig and Jørgen that have put in endless hours in this production. To my highly skilled fiddle maker master Helge M. Bergnord who made my beautiful ten-stringed hardangerfiddle (“Huldre fiddle”) come true, and for his great support and collaboration through all these years. To Bodil Irene Blaarud for making such a beautiful cover design and to Grafisk Media for excellent printing service, Edel Urstad for dressing me up in her wonderful clothes, to Knut Bjørnar Asphol for doing a great job mastering this album and to Therese and Susann at MissFixit Agency for promoting. Last but definitely not least thanks to my family, friends, audience and crossing shadows for inspiration, compassion and encouragement. You all fill my life with light, love and wisdom, and the power to create.

So, HULDREBLOD, thank you for an interesting and developing journey so far. Today you are released and welcome to fly wherever your listeners want you to fly. I will be watching you with proudness and wish you a prosper journey.

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