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Live-streamed release-concert tomorrow

NRK Innlandsscenen will broadcast our release concert in Gjøvik tomorrow, so if you want to see but don´t have the opportunity to attend the concert live, you can join us directly here at: The concert will also be posted on their website, as well as music videos on their YouTube channel "Innlansscenen" after the concert, and broadcasted on their radio channel the upcomming week after the concert.

The concert will start tomorrow at 19:00 Norwegian time with Wentzel and Nagell Dahl, and approximately 40 min later we will do our concert.

Time zones: Seattle (PDT) 10am/New York (EDT) 1pm/Japan (JST) 2am/Autralia (ACST) 2:30am/Brasil (BRT) 2pm/China (CST) 1am.

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