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A wonderful Celtic Winter Night in Belgium

This has been a great weekend filled with joy! Thank you all for sharing your time, laughter and positiveness. The organizers by the theater did an impressive job with warm hospitality and lovely food in their beautiful venue, and the audience were fantastic! Also a big thanks to Sowulo for the beautiful opening show, so nice to meet you and to hear your music! Kati, you constantly continue to impress me with your talent, determination and insight of well planned schedules and for creating wonderful moments for those around you. Thank you for all your love, care and hardworking spirit, I so much look forward to the next chapter in our travel together! Rob van Barschot, it was a pleasure to share stage with you and to experience how you fill the room with good energies and a lot of smiles. Look forward to see you again at Mythicworlds in Seattle and to hear your new project Thunder Crow live, I might join in on a song or two as we talked about. Chantal Bleumink and Jacqueline Helisir I will miss you, but I´m sure our paths will cross plenty of times again. You both fill the room with crazy humor and so much fun! After a little audio sneak peek I`m really looking forward to hear you upcoming album Jacqueline!! Kjell Braaten you are a joyful, caring and wonderful person to tour with and I can´t wait to have more beautiful travels and conversations with you. Nils Jørgen, it´s always best to have you on stage with me so I´m happy you could join us. You always add flavours of intensity, dynamics and humor into the songs and make beautiful moments on stage. Clement, thank you for taking care of the merchandise! You did a great job and it was so nice to get to know you! And Chris Wirth, thank you for bringing us all safe back and forth and for spreading so much love. You are a one of a kind and very very appreciated! Wish you all a safe travel back to your homes and further projects, I really look forward to see you again soon!

Photo: Bea Versluis

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