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Thank you for another wonderful event

A good walk in the forest, through blueberry bushes and moorlands, by a little magical tarn on a floating stage of wood, we did another outdoor concert for Sykehuset Innlandet (the hospital in our region) by Klopptjønn in Reinsvoll two days ago. I´m honoured to have been part of an evening based on so much care and love, with beautiful scenery, fires, coffee made the "wild" way boiled inside the campfire, lovely traditional food and music. It makes me warm to see how an institution are able to share the knowledge of how to give their visitors some wonderful moments like this. Without uniforms and clear boundaries between who is working there and who is working more on the personal level, they manage to create an equality and respect that I highly appreciate to observe.

Thank you for sharing so much good energy and for understanding the importance to heal people not only through medication, but with sensuous experiences and human love - a moment of peaceful honesty surrounded by nature in this strange world.

Photo: Lars Ove Wangensteen Berge

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