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Underjordisk Festival 2016!

I´m proud to present my home towns new festival, Underjordisk Festival, that will be arranged the 28th-30th of October this year. As one of the founders and producers I´m specially pleased to present this year's great artist-lineup and wonderful collaborators. Last night we released our website and the ticket sale has started!

With music, dance, art, masquerade, exciting collaborations between children, students, companies and various institutions and with a lot of joy, we will celebrate the traditions that Halloween has been growing out of and bring back the historical roots and celebrate life! As festival arena we have booked a beautiful area inside Gjøvik Olympic Cavern Hall​, the worlds biggest cavern for an audience inside a mountain! It was built for the Lillehammer Olympic Games in 1994, and is used today as a venue for both concerts and big sport events.

I also want to thank Robert Gould​ , Emilio Miller-Lopez​ and Kelly Miller-Lopez​ for bringing us to such wonderful adventures that have been a great inspiration and a dream-awakener for making this festival come alive!

Hope to see many of you celebrating the seasonal transition from summer half year into winter half year with us and gather in Gjøvik at Underjordisk Festival​ 2016!

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