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New single released today!

I´m happy to tell you that we are releasing our first single from my upcoming album today. "Solefall" has now arrived! The Norwegian word "Solefall" means "when the sun falls", not necessarily for eternity, but you never know... This is a song about the forces that occur when darkness comes and the light have to shy away.

This is the very first recording featuring my ten stringed hardinger fiddle, "Huldrefela", made by the fiddle maker master Helge M. Bergnord.

A bunch of amazing people have contributed on this release and I´m proud to have you all with me on this new journey:

My producers and bandmembers:

Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft, Stig Enger, Jon Karlsen and Freddy Wike.

Knut Bjørnar Asphol (mastering)

Digital cover:

Jon Tøsse Kolvik (photo)

Bodil Irene Blaarud (graphic design)

Bleed AS (visulal identity)

Edel Design/Edel Urstad (clothes deigner)

Video footage by John Peckham​, Production Consult LLC

Video edit by Asle Mostue Haugom​, Happy Hippo Creative Collective​


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