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New Martine-dress from Edel Design!

In 2013 I started a new exiting collaboration with the Norwegian fashion designer Edel Urstad and her Edel Design. As a result of this creative collaboration we have made the dress "Fossefall" and a "Spirits Collection" with "Spirit of Water", "Spirit of Wind", "Spirit of Earth" and the red dress "Spirit of Fire" that has become one of my trademarks on stage the last two years.

"Pure natural materials in wool, silk, flax and hemp"

Edel Urstad is like Norways Coco Chanel. With her own brand "Edel Design", her ideas becomes finished products with the help of her brilliant coworkers in the second floor of their gallery where everything is produced. Edel creates with her heart, she is a warm and visionary lady with an ethical and environmental focus through out the entire creative process. As you might understand I am proud and honoured to make dresses with this woman, dresses I know I can wear with a good conscience.

The dress we are working on in the picture will be the third new design we have done within our collaboration and will be shown for the first time at FaerieCon 2015 in Baltimore in November.

The dresses we make together I wear on stage, but they can also be ordered, learn more about the products here.

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