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I´m happy to share this with you!

One month ago I was contacted by a French publisher of children's books that worked on a story called L’anneau de Claddagh (The Claddagh Ring). It will be published in October 2015 and tells the story of a young Irish girl named Keira in the 19th century, whose destiny is guided by a magic ring bequeathed by her grandmother. Many adventures will lead her to the New World to escape a country devastated by famine and to find love. The author, Beatrice Nicodeme, refers to many Irish songs as Keira often sings and plays violin. This novel’s most famous song is Go N'éirí an Bóthar Leat (an Irish blessing) and when the publisher came across my version of it she wanted to use it for a trailer to promote this book.

I´m happy to share this short video with you and wish this book a prosper journey into a world of excited readers!


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