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Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The first night in Spokane, we were invited to a Sweat Lodge Ceremony by a native ceremony master, a keeper of old stories, songs, and prayers called Tha Wiyunka Wakan (His Sacred Feathers). It was defenitly one of the most poweful things I have experienced til now, and even tho it was really hard and painful it was just beautiful, and I am so glad I managed to complete the whole ceremony. Thank you Tha Wiyunka Wakan for a trustful guiding of stories, songs and drumming, for sharing of your wisdom and for letting us be a part of this ceremony. We are so honoured and grateful that you wanted to give us this spiritual and physical experience. I will keep this memory with me forever.

The Sweat Lodge was covered with beautiful patterns, here you can see the ceiling inside. Pictures was taken the day after the ceremony.

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