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“Huldrefela” - a gift from a real wizard

In 2013 I was assigned "Huldrefela", especially made for me and my musical work. "Huldrefela" means the fiddle of the norwegian forest nymph Huldra. It was given to me by Norsk Hardingfelefond (The Norwegian Hardanger Fiddel Fund) for how my music has made the norwegian national instrument more available, and for bringing it into new arenas. This is a Hardanger fiddel with ten-strings, created by the violin maker master Helge Bergnord. It is designed with a bright womans head and a dark body, and an extra bass string. For more than a year I have been playing on this new instrument, and now I am really starting to get to know this wooden lady. The last month we have made some beautiful pieces together and I look forward to share her mysterious and wonderful sounds with you in the future. Helge Bergnord is a real wizard in his art of making violins.

For almost twenty years ago I found myself standing in his workshop and I looked at my very first Hardanger fiddle, and from that day this has been my main instrument, inspiration and channel to express my inner voice. So thank you Helge for letting some of your pixie dust fall into my hands!

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