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Martine Kraft


Martine Kraft is an acclaimed Norwegian artist and composer, combining her traditional nordic sounds with raw power and haunting, dreamlike soundscapes.

As well as being a virtuoso on the hardingfiddle, she is a talented composer with a unique voice.

Iwashere - The Buffaloes of Ed Iron Cloud cover.jpg



- one song at a time -


Martine amazes with a crystalline and warm voice. Great sensitivity that takes her to compose an eternal music.

NAU NUA Art Magazine (ES)

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Not since Griegs “Into the hall of the mountain king” has anything as mysterious and enchanting been delivered from a Norwegian artist. 

- The Newspaper of Trondheim (N)


One of the most powerful, dynamic and musically exciting bands ever to grace the

Faerieworlds Stage. 

- Robert Gould. Producer Faerieworlds LLC (US)

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