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Martine Kraft & Jump Off Joe

Martine Kraft & Jump off Joe is an adventurous folk duo, sometimes trio. The songs are original and inspired by both pop and folk sounds from all over the world combining a hooky Hardangerfiddle style with a punchy guitar and lively vocal.

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After over 18 years together Martine and Nils Jørgen has finally started write songs together. Jump Off Joe came alive under the pandemic and has definitely outgrown its quarantine!


Releases / Album / Singles


"I hear the whistle blow" was a commissioned composition for "Midtpunktfestivalen" in 2021, a cultural festival with traditions and history in focus.

We are now working with our first "Jump Off Joe-album" with an expected release January 2025! 

Contact / Booking

Whether you like to book us for a concert or an event, or you just enjoy the music and would like to say hello, we would love to hear from you! Follow us on social media or simply use this contact form to send an email.


We do performances like ordinary concerts, opening ceremonies, "cultural breakes" during different events and gatherings, celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, pub-concerts etc.


Look forward to hear from you!

Get in touch!

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