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Happy New Year!

I look forward to another exciting year with these guys! We will be visiting both Spain and the United States again, and we are working with a new album that most likely will be released this summer. Within the brand "Spirits from Norway" we are working on a new childres book, different games, clothes while we are continuing the exciting collaboration with our artists, collaborators and partners to develop and create more beautifull products together.

This has been a challenging year, but despite of the, in many ways, effacing music business, I will continue to create the music that is closest to my heart, and in the format that I appreciate still exist. During the past year I am proud to have been able to give my audience a children's book, "Toner fra et fossefall" (Music from a waterfall) about the haunting and exciting Norwegian nature beings, a digital music album that accompanies this book, a new album with my band which is released in both cd and vinyl in addition to world wide digital distribution. Last, but certainly not least, we have released a brand new artist profile and a world of entertainment and art called "Spirits from Norway", a visual reflection of my music, something we we have worked on for years!

I can not wait to embark another year with so many creative people and exciting collaborations and projects going on! This is only the beginning! So, happy new year, and I hope to see you all in the upcoming year!

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