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Technical riders

Teqhnical Rider for Martine Kraft Band:



Martine Kraft:
Harding Fiddle and Lead Vocal

Martine ́s harding-fiddle has a built in mic preamp with XLR DI Out. (no need for DI)

Nils Jørgen Kraft: Keyboard (DI stereo), Acoustic Guitar (DI) and Vocals

Stig Enger: Electric Guitar

Jon Karlsen: Bass Guitar

Freddy Wike:  Drums (Kick, Snare, Two Floor Toms)


Each musician require separate monitors with separate monitor mix and full graphic EQ on each monitor.



Drum Kit:

Kick Drum: 20 or 22" Floor Tom 1: 14" Floor Tom 2: 16" Snare: 14"

Hi Hat and Cymbal Stands
Drum heads must be in good condition.


Bass Amp:

1 x Ampeg SVT Series Head (SVT-CL / SVT-VR / SVT-PRO), minimum 300W, with 1 x Ampeg SVT Series Speaker Cabinet (4-8 x 10) or equivalents (GK/Aguilar/SWR)


1 x Ampeg SVT/Classic Series Head (SVT-CL / V-4B / SVT-PRO) with
1 x Ampeg SVT Series Speaker Cabinet (4 x 10 or 2 x 12) or
an Ampeg/equivalent bass combo amp (1 x 15 or 2 x 10), minimum 150W


Guitar Amp:

VOX AC-30TB or Fender Combo 2x12 (any of the classics) Amp must be in good condition with a loud clean signal.

Korg SV1 72 keys or a straight Yamaha model with decent pinao, strings and organ sounds. 


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