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This album is a tribute to Native American culture, an ambient and mid tempo beat based sound built around the travels of composer Martine Kraft and her Hardanger fiddle. The Hardanger fiddle is the national instrument of Norway and you can hear the the different worlds melt together in each song. The musical landscape is both pleasant and exciting while it tells the story of strong individuals in the centre of contemporary native american communities. This is the debut album of IWASHERE.

IWASHERE - Bridging Worlds - one song at a time

  • Released 5th of July 2024

    Music: Martine Kraft
    Arrangements: Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft and Sven Andréen
    Producers: IWASHERE
    Recorded in: Klokkereint
    Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sven Andréen
    Coverart: Martine Kraft                                                                                        Cover design: Martine Kraft and Alver Nygaard Kraft
    Record label: Klokketru

    IWASHERE is:
    Martine Kraft: hardangerfiddle, “Huldrefele”, viola, flutes and vocal
    Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft: guitar, keys and vocal
    Sven Andréen: drums and programming

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