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Old legends tells about the forest nymph that fell in love with a human. In exchange for the love of her life and a future among the human race, she lost her tail, her ability to shape shift and her mountain family. Every time she was treated wrong she lost a little piece of her beauty, but her incredible strength and wisdom stayed strong. To this present time you can still find bloodlines related to this strong female nature creature called Huldra. 

This album is a tribute to Huldra and the strength we all carry inside, the power to create light, love and make dreams come true. As long as blood runs through our veins, the mind is free and we can take care of our sparkling child inside, dreams can be realised and the most incredible things materialised.


  • Released 11th of May 2017

    Music: Martine Kraft
    Arrangements: Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft
    Producers: Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft and Stig Enger
    Sound engineer: Stig Enger
    Recorded in: Enger Studio
    Mixed by: Stig Enger
    Mastered by: Knut Bjørnar Asphol
    Cover design: Bodil Irene Blaarud
    Photos: Byron Dazey, Roy Allan Larsen, Jon Tøsse Kolvik and Martine Kraft
    Illustrations: Erlend Capodanno
    Record label: Enger Musikk

    The band:
    Martine Kraft: vocal, hardangerfiddle, “Huldrefele”, violin, viola and flutes
    Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft: acoustic guitar, piano, organ, mandolin, bouzouki, pedal bass, percussion, xylophone and vocal
    Stig Enger: el-guitar, programming and vocal
    Jon Karlsen: bass and vocal
    Freddy Wike: drums, percussion and vocal

    Guest musicians:
    Adam Hurst: cello on Mørketid
    Johan Sara Jr.: vocal on Ravn, Mørketid and Solefall
    Kjell Braaten: vocal, udu, moose jaw, elk hooves and percussion on Huldreblod and Sølje
    Stein Villa: hurdy gurdy on Nidhogg
    Lasse Stang: jew´s harp on Frikar
    Marit Skikkelstad: trombone on Nidhogg
    Ellen Rieb: flute on Nidhogg
    Tom Arne Fossheim: drums on Nidhogg
    Frikar choir: Bjørn Bjørneby, Jaran Pedersen, Odd Egil Eiken, Ketil Trogstad Owren, Victor Tenebris Aannerud, Jøran Ødegårdstuen and Anders Engerlien Løkken

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