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Previous shows

A selection of previous performances: 

29. May   Concert for raising a fund in the                    memory of Dag Stokke, in                                Fjellhaven, Gjøvik


26. May   Guest at Nitimen, NRK P1 


22. May   Spring concert at Samfundssalen                 in Gjøvik with "Fredheim                               blandede kor" 


19. May   Guest at Førkveld, NRK TV


18. May   Guest at Slipstvang, radio show in                 Oslo 


18. May   Openig show at 4SOUND Gjøvik


14. May    Album-release, "Spirits from                          Norway", Strandtorget at                                Lillehammer


7. May       Album-release, "Spirits from                         Norway", at CC-Gjøvik


4.-5. May  Radio-tour in Toten/Kongsvinger                   Flisa/Hedmark 


2.May       Album-release, "Spirits From                        Norway" at Herr Nilsen, Oslo.


9.-14. April Playing the concerttheatre "Into                     The Kingdom Of Peer Gynt"                           Krakow, Polen. 




23. Sept      Concert at Granly in Lena                              (closed arr.) 


14. Sept      Ecent concert at Radisson Blu                        Hotel Lillehammer (closed arr.) 


7. Sept       Hired-musician for Astra                                Zeneca  at Radisson Blu Hotel                        Lillehammer (closed arr.) 


3.-4. Sept  "From Nashville To Norway",                           Fjellhaven in Gjøvik


3. Sept       Concert at the event "Elvelangs"                   in Gjøvik (Hunnselva). 


2. Sept       Hired-musician for Statkraft at                     Kikutstua in Oslo (closed arr.) 


27.Aug       Outdoor-award at Vestre Toten                     Kulturhus.


26.Aug       Playing with Torill Beate Nilsen                    in Hamar (closed arr.)


7.Aug        "Nygståkk"



23. July - 3.August  Touring the south of                         Sweden.


3. July       Concert at Hunderfossen Family                   Park


26. June    "Toner På Tunet"

                  Gjøvik Gård


24. June    "Nattåpent på CC Gjøvik" 


23.June      Hired-musician at Radison                              Hotel Lillehammer (closed arr.) 


19. June     Opening an art-exhibition at                          Gjøvik Gård. 


17. June     Hired-musician at Lillehammer                   University College (closed arr.) 


13. Jun    Hired-musician at Radisson                          Hotel Lillehammer

               (closed arr.) 


12. Jun    Wedding-ceremony in Sweden. 


7. Jun      Fjellhaven in Gjøvik (closed arr.) 


5. Jun      "Oslo Musikkfest"



4. Jun      Concert at Håkonshall in                                 Lillehammer (closed arr.)


24. Mar   Concert at Galleri Svae in Gjøvik


18. Mar  St. Patricks celebration, irish                          night, at Huset in Gjøvik


8. Mar     Hired-musician at SAS Radisson                   Hotell Lillehammer (closed arr.) 


5. Mar   "Festival Bøverbrus"

                Bøverdal Church in Lom


18. Feb    Opening instrument-auction at                     4Sound Gjøvik


10.-11. Feb  Working in Juv studio with a                           new project with Tom Ege,                             Synnøve Rognlien, Kai Somby                       and Tor Egil Kuntze.


3.Feb        "Fabrikken for Haiti"                                        Lillehammer. 


2. Feb       Release-concert for "Distant                          Call" at Herr Nilsen




19. Dec      Pre-releaseconcert in Mjøs-                           area, "Distant Call", at                                     Platekompaniet CC Gjøvik 


12. Nov.    Hired-musician for Horwath                          Revisjon. 


3.-4.Dec   Playing the concert-theatre                            "Svanene over Irland" at                                  Sjokoladefabrikken in Oslo,


20. Oct      Hired-musician at closed arr.


23. Sept     Conference in the Olympic                             Cavern Hall in Gjøvik

                  (closed arr). 


14.-18. Sept  DKS-tour, prodused by                                    Hedmark Fylkeskommune. 


10. Sept   Protestfestivalen in                                           Kristiansand


19. Aug    Playing at the University in                           Gjøvik with Nils Jørgen Nygaard. 


15. Aug   Playing at the opening of                                Breheimen National Park in                          Sognefjellet.


14. Aug   "Election-opening" for the                               political party Venstre.

                Spikersuppa, Oslo


13. Aug   Concert at Chaplin Café in Gjøvik


7.Aug     "Nygstokk Festival 2009"


1. Aug    "Trollnatt" at the family-park                          Hunderfossen. 


25. july   "Toner på Tunet" at Gjøvik Gård 


Between 15.June to 3.July on "Hidden Shore"-promotion-tour in Europe with Nils Jørgen Nygaard. 


15.June     Concert at Herr Nilson



15. June   Live at Tv2, God Morgen Norge.


14.June    "Sheep Veterinary Congress"                          Stavanger.


25.,26. and 29. May on tour with Karen Høie                    in Oppland with "Den Kulturelle                    Spaserstokken". 


23. May     Opening the new attraction                           "Trollfallet" at the family-park                        Hunderfossen. 


23. May     "Hunndalsdagene"



23. -25. April   "Scandinavian Update 2009"                            (Closed arr.) 


17. April     Concert at Honne                                                Konferansesenter (Closed arr.) 


27. Mars    Concert with Nils Jørgen                                   Nygaard in Oslo (Closed arr.) 


12. Mars     "Kulturtorget på Hamar 2009" (                       (Closed arr.) 


26.Feb       Playing for Øveraasen in                                 Fjellhaven in Gjøvik,


10. Jan      "Stemmer For Fred"

                  Bar Ampfield, Gjøvik. 




20. Dec     "Hidden Shore"-release at CC                         Gjøvik


19. Dec      Concert with Howdy Crowdy                         Drop-in Orchestra at Bar                                 Ampfield in Gjøvik. 


13.-14. Des  Christmas-concert by                                       Jubel:Event

                    Fjellhallen, Gjøvik. 


29. Nov     "Svanene over Irland" at                                  Teatermønstring in Hamar. 


27. Nov     "Wergeland i ord og toner" in                          Hamar. 


20. Nov     Playing in Fagernes with Mani                       Luny. 


17. Oct      "Fri Figur Festivalen 2008"



27. Sept    Wedding ceremony at Annexstad                  gård in Østre Toten


26. Sept    Concert at John Dee in Oslo with                    Johan Sara Jr. at Folke Larm


1.-17. Sept  DKS-tour in Oppland and                                Hedmark, prodused by Oppland                    Fylkeskommune 


12. Sept    Concert at Bar Ampfield                                  Gjøvik. 


6. Sept     "Navnesermoni" by Human-Etisk                  Forbund in Gjøvikhalen, Gjøvik. 


6. Sept      Concert and cultural                                         entertainment withHowdy                             Crowdy Drop-in Orchestra at a                     60-years centenary at Tranberg                     Gård in Gjøvik. 


28. Aug     Hired by Kulturkompaniet AS to                   play for Schlumberger Oilfield                      Services in Stavanger. 


16. Aug     Wedding ceremony in Hov. 


31. July     Hired by Kulturkompaniet AS                        to play for Marathon Oil in                            Stavanger. 


2.-3. July  Hired by Kulturkomaniet AS to                      playa at Bocuse D ́or Europe                          2008´s gala banquet in                                      Stavanger. 


19. May    "Lederforum i Oppland                                     Fylkeskommune"                                             Lillehammer. 


6.-8. May   "Maihaugkonferansen 2008"                           Lillehammer.


27. - 5. May Working with my debut album                     in England. 


23. April    "Culture-evening" at Gjøvik and                    Toten Waldorfschool. 


21. April     Scandic Hotell in Hamar 

                   (closed arr.)


1. April     "Universitetskonferanse for                              Innlandet"

                  Lillehammer University College


23.-1. Mars  Working with my debut album                      in England. 


16. Feb    SVs annual meeting

                Honne Konferansesenter



12. Feb   "Kultursleppen 2008"

               with Dag Stokke  at Lillehammer


3. Jan     Trollsti release-concert                                    Gjøvik



7. Jan     "Internasjonal Konferanse"

               Honne Konferansesenter, Biri




2007-2008: Violin teacher at Gjøvik og Toten Steinerskole, Gjøvik


8. Des  "Howdy Crowdy Drop-in                                 Orchestra"-concert

              Bar Ampfield på Gjøvik. 

23. Nov    Event artist for Eidsiva



14. Nov   "Bufdirs Erfaringskonferanse" 



26. Okt    Weddingcermony 



4.-5. Okt  "Svanene over Irland"

                Hamar Theatre. 


19. Sept   "Fylkespolitikermøte"                                  Lillehammer. 


11. Sept    Statoil Event


24. Aug    BP Event  



23. Jun    "Dåm"

                Bergsveinhølen, Ringebu


2. Jun     "Inn i Peer Gynts rike"



12. May    "Nordisher Klang"

                 St. Spiritus, Germany


9.-10. May  "Fri Figur"



18. April    Concert at Bar Ampfield  



28. Mar    ”Norske festivaler conference”                   Lillehammer 


27. Mar    ”Biblioteklandskap i endring”                    Lillehammer 


8. mars  "Rolf Jacobsen Dagene"





1.Des      "Christmas concert"

                Gjøvik Kirke


29.-1.Nov Ceremony musician

                 Oban, Skottland


26.-29. Oct "Assitej-festivalen"



13. Okt   "BI's vitnesbyrdutdeling"



28. Sept "Med hjertet i skolen"

               Prosjektsenteret, Gjøvik


31. Aug    Official opening of

                Domus Medicus



25. Aug   ”Fela som sang”

                Oslo University


5. Aug    Opening the art xhibition 

               "Peer Gynt-utstillinga"

               (artist: Håkon Gullvåg)



19.-23. Jun "Prøvekluten"



6. Jun   "Inn I Peer Gynts Rike" 



25. May  Statoil og Miljøverndep. Event                  Hall Toll, Stavanger


15. May "Third internationalconference                of the consumer citizenship                      network"

               Høgskolen på Hedmark


19. - 30. Mar  Touring with the concert                           theatre "Fela som sang"                             in Møre og Romsdal


14. Jan   "BP's Årsfest"





24.-28.Okt   Touring with "Fela som                             sang" in Møre og Romsdal


13.Oct        "NFF  Event"

                  First Hotell Victoria, Hamar 


21.Sept      "Gjøvik-Marken"



19. Sept     "To nasjoner i 100 år"



17.Sept      "Kick-off for StorHamar                             Dragons"



7.-9. Sept   Conferance artist

                  "Scandinavian Uppdate"



16.Jun      Conferance at Hedmark                              University



29.MaY     Confirmastion ceremony

                 Løten Church 


25.May    "Kulturtorget i Sandefjord


7.-16.Jan   "Century anniversary of                             Norway" (Norwegian                                 ambassador for Hedmark                         College at Pacific Lutheran                       University (Tocoma)


4. januar: "Minnekonsert for flomofrene                   i sørøst Asia" at Hamar




27.-28. Nov "Unima Internasjonal 75 år"                     Figurteaterfestivalen i Oslo


14. Nov     "Fritt Frem Festivalen"



11. Nov     "Fela som sang" in Hamar. 


9. Okt      "Norsk Raumatikerforbund"

                 Rica Olerud Hotell (closed arr)


30. Jun   "Kulturleir på Domkirkeodden"                 Hamar


20.–23.Jun "Prøvekluten"



17.Jun      "Closing Ceremony at the

                 agricultural college in Stange 


10.-13. Jun  "Sjøormen i Mjøsa" at                                 Middelalderfestivalen



30. May     Confirmations and                                      baptism in Løten kirke 


2001 – 2000 

1.Sep(03)   Conferance artist at Scandic                     Hotell, Lillehammer


Aug 2002-June 2003:
Conserters at Gotland
during music program.


June-July 2001: Concerts in Ireland


19 Des  "Playing gift" 80-year                                  celebration, Oslo


26.Sept  Conference musician

              Quality Hafjell, Øyer


18.Aug   Conference artist

              Beitostølen (closed arr.)


23.Jun   "St.Hans Feiring" with Lynni                     Treekrem at Brekkeseter

3.Apr    "Norwegian Travel Workshop /                 Lilleh. Turist AS", Lillehammer


5.Feb    Event musician

             Waadahl Høyfjellshotell

             (closed arr.)



11.-12.Des  "Håndball- VM99" 

                  Event for the main                                      sponsors for. Maihaugsalen

16.-21.Nov  Jeunesses Musicales                                    International's Music                                  Festival, "Who's next ?"                              in Malmø: 
                   17.11; Fredmans
                   18.11; St.Andreas kirke

                   19.11; Skolekonserter 

                   20.11; Gallakonsert i Malmø                        Concert House


8.–15.Jul     "Ethno 99"



14.May       "Hockey VM-99" 



22.-25.Apr "La Traviata" with                                       Lillehammer Byorkester/Den                   Norske Opera's kor/                                   Lillehammer Operakor in

                  Maihaugsalen, Lillehammer


17.Apr       "Austmannalaget 100år" 

                 Conferance artist. Maihaugen


23.Mar     Official opening of new 
Courthouse, Lillehammer


18.Mar    "De Sandvigske samlingers                          venner" in Maihaugsalen



6.Mar     "LHL-Consert"

                Maihaugsalen, Lillehammer


26.-27.Feb    "Vinterspillene" 



30.Jan        Conference artist

                   Øyer Quality Hafjell Hotell




20.Des     "Bach's juleoratorium" 

                 with med Lillehammer                              Byorkester, Lillehammer          


11.Nov     Conference artist "Statistisk     Sentralbyrå International Conference



1.Nov     Concert with Lillehammer                        Byorkester


27.Oct   "Stortingets kommunalkomite"
              Trollsalen, Hunderfossen


25.Sep  Conference artist, "Internasjonal              Veterinærpatolog-kongress"


4.-5.Sep Conference artist, "InterConsult               Group", Lillehammer


22.Aug   Event musician at Haugseter                   Fjellstue, Beitostølen


22.Aug   "Pillaguridågå"



17.Aug   Event artist, dinner for                               members of the american                         kongress

              Holmenkollen Park Hotell, Oslo


4.Jul     Country-festivalen in Skjåk


11.-15.Jun  Concerts at Longyearbyen,                         Svalbard


6.May   Conference artist 


              Maihaugsalen, Lillehammer




17.-19. Mar   Mythicworlds 2017

                     Seattle (US)

                     (Order tickets here!)  


18. Feb         Celtic Night Geluwe Belgium

                     Theare Wervik, Belgium

                     (Order tickets here!)  

9. Feb    Single release , "RAVN"




18.-22. April  Touring with                      



14. Mar    “Frå Blackboxen til hele væla”

                  Worldwide concert from Gjøvik                       Blackbox with Torbjørn Dyrud,                         Zelma and Jon Harald Gjesdal.


12. Mar      Årsmøte Oppland Arbeiderparti

                  (closed arr.)


3. Feb        Innlandet Industrikonferanse 

                  (closed arr.)


13. Feb       Official opening of Lillehammer                        House under Youth Olympic                            Games in Lillehammer


14. Feb        Youth Olympic Games 2016

                    in Olympic Cavern Hall, Gjøvik


18.-20. Jan  Touring with "Den kulturelle                             Spaserstokken", Oppland.




Nov-Des    Touring with Guren Hagen


12. Des        Odd Fellow Ordenen (closed arr.)


6.-8. Nov   "Faeriecon"

                    Baltimore, US


26.-30. Oct  Into it

                    Fjellhallen, Gjøvik


24. Oct        Amfi Raufoss, 13:00



Oct              "Høstgave fra Gjøvik Kommune"

                    06.10  Sørbyen omsorgssenter

                    06.10 Haugtun omsorgssenter

                    14.10 Snertingdal

                    16.10 Nordbyen

                    (closed arr.)


19. Sept       "Playing for change"



12. Sept        Opening a new art exhibition

                     at Hadeland Glassverk


4.-6. Sept     "Faerieworlds"

                      Portland, US


26. Aug         SI Reinsvoll

                      closed arr.

                      Reinsvoll, Norway


22. Aug          Wedding ceremony

                       Closed arr.



14.-16. Aug     Wedding ceremony                                              closed arr.



24. July           Spokane Indian Reservation

                        Spokane, WA, US


21. July            Hanford Reach Interpretive                               Center, Columbia Park Trail

                        Richland, WA


17.-19. July     "Tamkaliks Celebration"

                        Wallowa, Oregon, US


14. July           Rehabilitation Center

                       Richland, WA, US


27. Jun           Wedding ceremony                                              (closed arr.)

                       Tønsberg, Norway


29.-4. May    "Feria Internacional de los                                 Pueblos" Fuengirola, Spain 


18.-23. Mar   "Mit Handt und Fuss"

                       Notheim, Germany


7. Mar           "Banquet" closed arr.

                       Gjøvik, Norway


6. Mar          "Opening ceremony" closed                                arr. Gjøvik, Norway


20.-22. Feb    "Mythicworld"

                       Seattle, US


12. Feb           "One year to go"                                                    Gjøvik, Norway


29. Jan           Snowball convention, closed                             arr. Lillehammer, Norway


25. Jan          Concert at J Mullins                                             Irish Pub, Torrevieja, Spain


13. Jan         "Friluftslivets år 2015"

                     Tøyenparken, Oslo, Norway




Nov-Des      Touring with Guren Hagen:

                     19.Des, Vevelstad

                     17.Des, Reisvoll

                     12. Des, Røyrvik

                     11. Des, Romedal

                     6. Des, Alvdal  

                     5. Des, Prøysenhuset, Ringsaker

                     30. Nov, Rendalen


10. Dec         Concert at with                                                    Åsmarka childrens choir 

                     Åsmarka Church, Ringsaker


26.-27. Nov   "Bergatt"

                       Gjøvik Olympic Cavern Hall


19. Nov          Musical guest at "Friscena"

                       Radio Toten, Raufoss


8. Nov           "Gjøvik Galla"



31. Oct            "Fredagsrevyen"



28. Oct            Concert concert at Clarion                                 Hotel & Congress Oslo                                         Airport Gardermoen

                       (Closed arr)


10.-12 Oct     "Akevittfestivalen 2014"



27. Sept        "Elvelangs 2014"

                      Musikkbrenneriet, Gjøvik


27. Sept        "Elvelangs 2014"

                     Kulturtrappa, Gjøvik


9. Sept         "Ut i naturen" TV NRK1


8. Sept          "Townfest" in Gjøvik

                     Glassverket, Gjøvik


31. Aug          "Friluft for alle"

                       Stenberg Gård, Vestre Toten


25.-27.July      "Faerieworlds"

                        Eugene, Oregon, US


18.-20. July     "Tamkaliks Celebration"

                        Wallowa, Oregon, US


14. July            "Feathers"

                        Compilation Album release


30.-5. May      "Feriea Internacional de los                                 Pueblos"Fuengirol, Spain


1. May            "Spirit Collection"

                       Release of a new dress                                        collection with the Norwegian                          fashion designer Edel Design.


5.-6. April     "Vårkonsert" with Biristrand                              Musikkforening



14. Mar         Consert at Utgard



15.Feb           "Toner fra et fossefall"

                      Gjøvik Bibliotek




27.Des         Guest at NRK1  "Julemorgen"        


8.-10 Des    FaerieCon

                    Baltimore, US


20. Sept      Landsfestivalen i Gammaldans

                   Awarded by Norsk                                              Hardingfelefond with                                         "Huldrefela"!

                   Løten, NO


16. July      Kystkulturuka 2013

                  Furuøya, Tvedestrand


20. June    "Mjøskonferansen 2013"

                   Gjøvikhallen, Gjøvik


1.-5. May   "Feriea Internacional de los                                Pueblos"

                   Fuengirol, Spain


1. May       "Fossefall"

                   Release of a new dress with the                        Norwegian  fashion designer

                   Edel Design.




19. Aug     Under Brua Festivalen



24.-28. July "Trollnatt" at Hunderfossen                              Family Park, Lillehammer


17.-21.July  "Trollnatt" at Hunderfossen                                Family Park, Lillehammer


27. July      "Trollrock 2012"



10.-14.July  "Trollnatt" at Hunderfossen                              Family Park, Lillehammer.


9. July        Egersund Visefestival



7.July        "Trollnatt" at Hunderfossen                               Family Park, Lillehammer


30.June     Concert, closed arr.



24 feb        FROST


18 feb        Fakkelprisen

                  Håkonshall, Lillehammer


8.-11. feb   "Kärleken & Livet"

                  Touring with Elisabeth                                       Andreassen 




17. Dec      "En Desemberkveld", charity                             concert for Redd Barna with Atle                     Antonsen, Are Kalvø, Ingrid Olava,                   Anders Baasmo Christiansen og                       Jaa9 og Onkl P, Lillehammer. 



21.-2. Dec  Touring the west cost of Norway                       with the concert-theatre "Svanene                   Over Irland" 


26.Oct      "Universitetskonferanse in HIG"                      Gjøvik (closed arr.) 


25. Oct     New single release


22. Sept    "Elvelangs" A short version of

                 "The Great Dragon Show" from                          Krakow. Music by Martine, in Oslo


12. Sept    "Kribleseminar"



9. Sept      "Elvelangs"



7. Sept       Concerttheatre "Svanene Over                         Irland" in Førde


26. Aug     Concert at Barrack,



3. Aug       "Allsang på Tjuvholmen"



28.July      "Trollrock, Beitostølen. 


15. July      Concert at Kaffka



3.July        Outdoorarrangment at Korsviken                     Gård Brøttum


2. July       Ceremonial musician in wedding                     at Oscarsborg Festning (closed                         arr.) 


25. June    "Søskenbarntreff på Gjøvik"                                Fjellhaven, Gjøvik


19. June     Afro Marimba Funky Jazz Festival                   in Oslo, Chateneau Neuf


17. June     Concert in the city center of                             Lillehammer for the fifth                                   anniversary of Lillehammer                             Byavis. 


15. June    Playing with Billy Falcon & The                        Sowing Circle at Ullevål Stadion in                  Oslo. Support for Bon Jovi. 


4. June    Outdoor-concert at "The Great                         Dragon Festival" in Krakow, over                     60.000 spectators. 



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