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Here are some news about Martines work and profession. If you are interested to learn more about the projects listed below you are welcome to contact us here.

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"Faerieworlds 2015" 

A Gathering of Tribes, 4th-6th Sept, Horning’s Hideout – North Plains, Oregon


Faerieworlds is the premiere mythic music and arts festival on the West Coast. Featuring bands and musicians from around the world, internationally acclaimed artists and authors, spectacular performances and entertainers, the Wisdom Workshop Village and the Mythic Marketplace of over 150 vendors and food booths, Faerieworlds annually attracts thousands of fans and families from around the globe to Oregon to experience the magic of the Realm.

For three days and nights, people of all ages are transported and inspired by the magic of music and the beauty of things made by hand. Within the gate of Faerieworlds, adventures begun, discoveries are made, new friends are found, tribes are formed and communities are born. Within the Realm, children sees wonders and adults experience enchantments and we all lift up our hearts and spirits and dance and celebrate together under the summer stars. Come Home Again and Live Your Legend... welcome to Faerieworlds!


Last year Martine Kraft was one of the headliners at Faerieworlds in Eugene, Oregon, this year she will be back sharing the main stage with bands like Faun (GE), Wardruna (NO), Delhi 2 Dublin (Canada) and Woodland (US). Buy your tickets now and join this amazing festival!



"Dancing to the beat of the Grandfathers" 

Cultural excange between native american traditional musicans and a norwegian hardangerfiddler


In 2014 Martine was invited to the Tamkaliks Celebration in Wallowa, Oregon, and this year she´s invited back to join the 25th Annual Nez Perce Tamkaliks Celebration & Friendship Feast


Tamkaliks is a three day celebration of traditional Native American culture. It is also a place and time where local people can observe and learn about that culture, a bridge of friendship between the former and present inhabitants of the Wallowa County. Tamkaliks Celebration & Friendship Feast will be held July 17th - 19th, 2015 in Wallowa, Oregon.


This summer Martine and her producer will start a musical journey together with the native american musician and storyteller Fred Hill Sr. "Táwtalikś", and their cultural exchange will be shown for the first time at this years Tamkaliks Celebration.

"Huldrefela"  (Martine Kraft signature fiddle)

Martine is working on a new album based on "Huldrefela"s tonality and soundscape


September 2013 Martine was granted her own ten-stringed hardanger fiddel by Norsk Hardingfelefond (The Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle Fund) for her work to make the norwegian national instrument more available and for bringing it into new arenas. The fund committee is Håkon Høgemo, Øyvind Gimse, Even Traaen and Helge Bergnord. Feel free to read more about the fund here.


This is a beautiful ten-stringed hardanger fiddle that has an improved tuning mechanism that makes it easier to keep the fiddle in tune in challenging climates. The instrument is made by violin maker master Helge M. Bergnord and designed with a bright womans head and a dark body. Her name is "Huldrefela" wich means the fiddle of the norwegian forest spirit Huldra. A dark bass string provides an extra dimension to the instrument's tone register. 


This summer Marine will start working with new compositions made especially for her ten-stringed hardanger fiddle. The compositions will then be gathered on an album named after the fiddle her selves: "HULDREFELA".

"New Martine-dress from Edel Design" 

Pure natural materials in wool, silk, flax and hemp.


Martine and Spirits from Norway started an exiting collaboration with the Norwegian designer Edel Urstad and her Edel Design in 2013. As a result of this creative collaboration they have made the dress "Fossefall" and a "Spirits Collection" with "Spirit of Water", "Spirit of Wind", "Spirit of Earth" and " Spirit of Fire". The red dress "Spirit of Fire" has become one of Martines trademarks on stage the last two years. Now they are working on a new dress for stages that will be released at Faeriewolds in Oregon in September.

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