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Huldrin - Martine Kraft
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Sadly Missed - Martine Kraft
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River White - Martine Kraft
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Nidhogg - Martine Kraft
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Beso - Martine Kraft
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Villdans - Martine Kraft
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The compositions are varied and upredictable. The product it selves is a masterpiece..

Hidden Shore review by Oppland Arbeiderblad, Norwegian newspaper



Jeg har latt meg bergta, det er ingen kunst å anbefale Martine Kraft på det helvetesvarmeste

Norway Rock Magazine


As a whole "Distant Call" is as solid as Stonehenge. The album is great produced, presents a large sound with a warm athomsphere. "Distant Call" can be used as a source whenever you need a little lyrical and magical refill.

Distant Call review by Oppland Arbeiderblad, Norwegian newspaper



Not since Griegs “Into the hall of the mountain king” has anything as mysterious and powerful been delivered from a Norwegian artist. 

The Newspaper of Trondheim


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Martine Kraft - Distant Call

Distant Call is a conseptual album done by Martines duo "Mani Luny" (Martine & Nils Jørgen). On this album you can hear more of Martines "celtic sounding" material. Tracks: 1. Release 2. I am walking 3. Presenting Malaco 4. Malaco 5. Holy trail 6. Dusty Boots 7. Distant Call 8. Called to rest 9. River white 10. Drifting Canoe 11. Into the wild 12. Susurra viento