In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

Into-it 2019

Another year working with the great project «INTO-IT» is history! Monday morning around 40 youths from our county was gathered, and today we showed the result of four days intense work in front 1000 students. So many amazing young people gave their classmates a wonderful show of music, singing and dance today! What a project and what a team!💗

The premiere of "Ulvenatt"!

Don't miss Mairanne Steinsrud's mysterious and heartbreaking drama that is played when the twilight creeps into the dark wolf night. Hope to see you at Eiktunet either tomorrow night or Saturday, the show starts at 18:00. Photos by Linda Renate Lauritzen Fossen

Premiere tonight!

The premiere of "Ulvenatt" is tonight!!! The show only plays tonight, Friday and Saturday at 18:00 at Eiktunet! Hope to see you🎭


In exactly one week it´s the premiere of "Ulvenatt" ("Wolf Night")!!! I look forward to work on this very rare historical journey of soul-searching. Most histories possess more than one truth, and most of the truths contains a variety of ingredients that can make the reality very complicated. Join us into the night of the wolves on the pursuit of truth. This will for sure be an exciting, dark and evocative October evening at Eiktunet. The truth is strong and so is the pen of Marianne Steinsrud. Enjoy!!! Buy your tickets here.

Creative days in Kristiansand

Some great, intense and playful days in Lydbølgen Studio in Kristiansand is over and I return home with a big smile. Chris Thomas and Øystein, what an amazing, professional and goodhearted team you are❤️ Thank you for inviting me to join this exciting journey! I can’t wait for this TV series to be released!!! #villmarksfilm #lydbølgen #nrknatur #filmmusikk #fotobonden

Next stop Kristiansand

What a great day! Just an hour ago my trio "Iwashere" opened a brand new education program, and now I´m on the train to Kristiansand to work on the music for a new tv series for NRK. I´m really looking forward to meet the composer and the producer, to hear more of the story, see the pictures and to start the studio session. My bag is full of flutes and my fiddles are waiting patiently behind my seat. Just found out how slow the internett is here so guess my relaxing plans watching some movies will be replaced with some more preparation with my session notes instead.

Educational history was written today

Today educational history was written in our hometown Gjøvik when the very first class of students started their bachelor's degree in construction site management. This is groundbreaking work and an important milestone! Congratulations, and thank you for wanting "Iwashere" to be a part of the opening ceremony!

Norsk Akevittfestival 2019

As hired street-musicians we brought some musical joy to the streets of Gjøvik during the annual town festival, Norsk Akevittfestival. It was pretty cold playing outside today, but all the happy faces warmed a lot :) Photo by Alexander Rostad

The first review of "Iwashere"!

Our first review, headline says "Gripping premiere" and we are grateful that our message got through! Oppland Arbeiderblad (30.09.2019)

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