In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

The very first breath of "Iwashere"

The very first breath of "Iwashere" hit the air last night in our home town! The premiere also presented the collaboration with the incredible Acosia Red Elk from the Umatilla Nation in Oregon, US. Last night was nothing else than a huge dream coming true and we are so grateful for all of you that showed up and gave us an unforgettable start. We are so much looking forward to our next steps and hope you will follow our further journey on this brand new page. Thank you for believing in us! #bridgingworlds #iwashere #gjøvik Photo: Alexander Rostad

A dream came true!

Strange how a tiny space between four walls can fill so much! This room, and this week, has been a very important step towards the realization of Iwashere and our collaboration with Acosia. The memories from last night will remind me that everything is possible if you reach for your goal with your bare heart and surround your self with people who dare to face the surface of unborned dreams. Thank you Tanja for working with your heart, for giving the artists in our town a stronger voice, and for believing in us. Without you the memories from last night would not have existed. MusiKom, Friscena, Gjøvik Kultursenter and Gjøvik kommune, thank you for letting us use «Friscena» to evolve this coll

Just a new chapter

Safe travel across the ocean Acosia. What a journey this last couple of days has been! I’m endlessly grateful for this precious time💗We can´t wait to see you again!

"Light walk" in Ringsaker

Tonight I took part in a light walk in Brumunddal with the theatre production "Huldra på Helgøya". We were one of over 20 tableau along the river. Thanks you Ringsaker municipality for giving your citizens a wonderful atmospheric evening filled with many different cultural expressions, positivity, mystery and magic!

Premiere tomorrow!

The trio "Iwashere" is looking forward to the premiere tomorrow, and we are so proud to share the stage with Acosia Red Elk! Photo by Alexander Rostad

It´s all coming together

Tomorrow we’ll share stage for the very first time and I can’t wait! Acosia, you are a true inspiration!

Bridging Worlds - one song at a time

Five years ago I met a wise and charismatic lady in a magical garden in Washington state. She said to me that I had to meet her daughter, Acosia. Last sommer I finally did and now, in just two weeks, we will have our very first performance together in my home town Gjøvik! Acosia is an admirable, strong, talented, determined and sweet soul that really lighten up this earth. I´m both exited, honoured and proud to see this project take it´s very first step, and welcome you to join us further on this journey. Thank you Loveda for bringing us together and thank you Tanja, MusiKom, Gjøvik Kultursenter and Gjøvik kommune for making this concert come true. Here we are Bridging Worlds, - one song at

Yoga with Acosia Red Elk

Saturday the 28th of September 11am we will join Acosias lession "7 Generations Vinyasa Yoga Flow", at Toten Treningssenter, with live music. The message is to think seven generations ahead and act in ways that will benefit future generations, especially the seventh generation after us. A soothing yoga session working with conscious breathing and yoga postures, which gives the body good exercise and creates deep muscle strength, muscle extension and flexibility. Hope to see you there and also for our full concert with Iwashere and Acosia 7pm at "Friscenen" later that evenining!

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