In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

"Huldra på Helgøya"

Tonight was the last show of "Huldra på Helgøya" for this summer. Thank you everyone who joined this beautiful journey in the middle of Helgøya. We were blessed with a wonderful weather during every single show and followed by a great and alert audience. Hope to see you again next summer!

Concert at Klopptjern

This outdoor concert in the middle of the forest has become a wonderful tradition! Thank you once again Sykehuset Innlandet avd Reinsvoll for arranging this heartwarming event for both patients and employees and for letting food, nature and art be a part of the mental health treatment. Photo by Lars Ove Wangensteen Berge

Traveling home...

Traveling home after adventures like this is always strange... Thank you for filling me up with memories that will forever be a part of my further travel. Again you showed me that the world is full of unexplored friendships just waiting to be discovered. A sincere love from my heart to all of you, can't wait for our paths to cross again.

Timothy Reed - A great stone magician

Yesterday we visited the amazing artist Timothy Reed who lives in Myrtle Creek in Oregon. His stone intarsia work is beyond impressive. I have never seen such beautiful and complicated stone art before and the artist himself is driven by pure love for the power of art. With the most amazing precision and taste of complex patterns, formations and organic honesty, he transforms the hardest materials into the most beautiful pieces of art. This man is a pure magician with stones. Picture: Timothy and his brother Mitch that makes beautiful wiring and turns Tims intarsia work into beautiful necklaces and jewelleries. Here is some pictures of his work:

Wild west with Rick Steber

Today we visited the great western author Rick Steber who has written more than 30 books. His numerous awards include the Western Writers of America Spur Award for Best Western Novel, Western Heritage Award, Benjamin Franklin Award, Mid-America Publishers Award, Oregon Library Association Award, Oregon Literary Arts Award, Independent Publishers Book Award, Indies Award for Excellence; and the USA Best Book Award. Three of his books have also been optioned to movie production companies. In the morning he gave me a beautiful poem! MARTINE Music is there Hidden in wood Aching to come alive In her lively hands Notes of another language emerge Making emotions hidden inside rise like a balloo

Yoga Round Up on Umatilla Reservation

Soundwaves Movements Silence Loudness Rhythms Improvisations Art Awareness Spirituality Individualism Sharing Developing This has been a great journey combining the art of sounds and movements. Thank you Acosia Red Elk and Tania Wildbill for inviting us to the Yoga Round Up at the Wellness Wave in Pendleton.

On the KCUW airwaves

Today we visited the KCUW Studios together with our dear friend and amazing musician and storyteller from the Confederated Tribes Of The Umatilla, Fred Hill Sr. Almost an hour we told about how we met, our collaboration and we preformed live on the KCUW airwaves. You can listen to the music and the whole interview here.

Some wonderful days in Spokane

The last couple of days we have been visiting friends in Spokane, glimpsing into some traditions like learning about different medicine plants, visiting a traditional brain tanning hide class, learning how to braid hair and we have of course shared music together. So good to see you all again! Thank you for sharing and for keeping old wisdom alive.

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