In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

NRK P2 Spillerom

Waking up in the most beautiful mountains, surrounded by happiness and joy from last nights concert, traveling to Oslo for an interview. Just minutes before I went in the studio I got the most horribel news from Manchester. My heart just froze. Thank you Sven Ole Engelsvold at NRK P2s Spillerom for a very professional and loving way to handle your job on a sad day like this. It felt strange talking about my album today. Take care everybody.

A wonderful night!

Fausko, thank you for a wonderful reception last night! Can't wait to see this beautiful place again and to learn more about your many cultural treasures. This was a perfect destination on our Huldreturné! Wishing you all the best with this years festival, Fauskivalen 2017!

Beautiful landscapes on our Huldreturné

I´m so happy for this new tour and for all this wonderful surroundings we find ourselves in. Today we are traveling to Fausko in Hemsedal two and a half hours drive from our home town.

Concert at Fausko

Monday the 22nd of May we will do a concert in beautiful Fausko in Hemsedal. The festival Fauskivalen 2017 will present this years festival program and give their collaborators and audience a free concert to celebrate! I´m happy to join this festival and look forward to our next stop on our "Huldreturné"!

The very last concert by Innlandsscenen

Here are some pictures from our release concert last week and also unfortunately the very last concert by Innlandsscenen. You have done a great job not only for your listeners but also for a lot of artists. Thank you for some wonderful collaborations during this years and I really hope your consept will be reborn in the nearest future <3

"Album of the week" at NPS Music!

My new album HULDREBLOD has been picked out as the "Album of the week" by NPS Music!!! I have made an interview with them and a 20 + 5 playlist consisting of twenty songs by other Norwegian artists and five of my own songs. Read and listen here: On this playlist you will find artists as: Mari Boine, Annbjørg Lien, Ane Brun, Dimmu Borgir, Sivert Høyem, Susanne Lundeng, Farmers Market, Silvertongue, Rebekka Karijord, Embee Normann etc. Enjoy!

Artist of the week at "NRK Hedmark & Oppland"!

I´m happy to tell I´m the artist of the week at "NRK Hedmark og Oppland" and there will be broadcasted from our release-concert last week on their radio channel all throughout this week!!!

An interesting afternoon

Spring, where are you?!? Just home after an interesting afternoon with a radio interview with Hilde Zahl at NRK P1 "Kveldsåpent" and then right on stage on a very wet concert at Varde Stadion in +5C😂 You can hear the interview tonight around 21:00🎶

Edel Design

Edel Design, the amazing, creative and wonderful team behind my stage-dresses❤️ Raw elegance made with love and pure natural fabrics at Alhaug Gård! Thank you for an inspirational and playful collaboration during all these years and for a great gathering on my "Huldreturné" yesterday! You are the best!

Concert at Alhaug Gård 13th of May

Thank you for wonderful feedback on "Huldreblod" so far and to everyone who joined our release-concert last night! Tomorrow our "Huldreturné 2017" will cross the lake and visit the charming Alhaug Gård at Nes in the gallery of the the amazing Edel Design.

Great article in Altaposten!

Today there was a great article in the newspaper Altaposten about the collaboration with Johan Sara Jr and the new album!

"Huldreblod" music video

There´s a secret in nature that binds us to our legends and myths. Some stories have been told in generations and have been colouring our thoughts and imagination for centuries. Some myths might be more alive than we dare to believe... Video-production by: Erlend Capodanno, Steffen Leistad Rye, Peder André Vollan, Anders Schei, Eirik Folkestad. Video edit by: Happy Hippo CC

HULDREBLOD - I wish you a prosper journey!

One more timetravel has been sealed, and today my sixth album has officially departured. It is named "Huldreblod" for a reason and it carries some of my deepest experiences in life so far, translated into music. I´m more than proud to release this album filled with not only my own stories, but stories that has been traveling through my homeland for centuries. Some myths might be more alive than we dare to believe. A bunch of amazing creators stands behind this compilation of sound waves, and I´m forever grateful for your contributions. A huge hug to my band and my precious musical family; Jørgen, Stig, Jon and Freddy who share their great art, wonderful personalities and precious time. To al

Live-streamed release-concert tomorrow

NRK Innlandsscenen will broadcast our release concert in Gjøvik tomorrow, so if you want to see but don´t have the opportunity to attend the concert live, you can join us directly here at: The concert will also be posted on their website, as well as music videos on their YouTube channel "Innlansscenen" after the concert, and broadcasted on their radio channel the upcomming week after the concert. The concert will start tomorrow at 19:00 Norwegian time with Wentzel and Nagell Dahl, and approximately 40 min later we will do our concert. Time zones: Seattle (PDT) 10am/New York (EDT) 1pm/Japan (JST) 2am/Autralia (ACST) 2:30am/Brasil (BRT) 2pm/China (CST) 1am.

"Huldreturné 2017" starts in my home town Gjøvik

Thursday we are releasing our new album HULDREBLOD with a live-streamed concert in my home town Gjøvik. This concert will be the opening of my "Huldreturné 2017" ("Huldre-tour 2017"). Many of these concerts will be held in very special places and I look forward to share this journey with you.

NRK Hedmark og Oppland

More fun at the radio station NRK Hedmark og Oppland! Today around 2.30pm you can hear the interview we did with Madeleine Cederstrøm and Bjørnar Pedersen about the upcoming album and also hear some sneak peeks from "Huldreblod" :)

Celebrating Spring!

Celebrating spring with this pre-order offer!!! Get a signed copy of the new album HULDREBLOD + a surprise gift!

NRK P2 "Folkemusikktimen"

Today I talked about my new album Huldreblod with Leiv Solberg at NRK P2 "Folkemusikktimen". The interview will be broadcasted Sunday around 6pm :)

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