In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

Adding some real vikingblod

What an amazing team of adrenaline, testosterone and joyful madness adding some real vikingblod into the upcoming album "Huldreblod", broadcasted live on NRK from Enger Studio!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!! And a huge hug to my brilliant producers Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft and Stig Enger!

A wonderful Celtic Winter Night in Belgium

This has been a great weekend filled with joy! Thank you all for sharing your time, laughter and positiveness. The organizers by the theater did an impressive job with warm hospitality and lovely food in their beautiful venue, and the audience were fantastic! Also a big thanks to Sowulo for the beautiful opening show, so nice to meet you and to hear your music! Kati, you constantly continue to impress me with your talent, determination and insight of well planned schedules and for creating wonderful moments for those around you. Thank you for all your love, care and hardworking spirit, I so much look forward to the next chapter in our travel together! Rob van Barschot, it was a pleasure to s

Getting ready for the concert

One of the best ways to ensure a good concert is to present your artists with great food and surround them with love :) This was indeed something the organizers in Wervik took seriously! Thank you for your lovely hospitality!

Lys-show in Wervik tonight!

After a nice walk to France over the river Lys and back to Belgium we're ready for tonights Lys-show at Theater Forum in Wervik.

Getting ready

Our instrument family is finally tuned and ready to rehears😂

"Single of the week" on NPS Music!

I´m so happy to see how far my little bird has flown just in a few days. Thank you for sharing this message and for participating to let this little bird "Ravn" fly and experience so much love. This week "Ravn" has been picked out to be the "Single of the week" on the Norwegian Spotify channel NPS Music. Thank you again for keeping my little bird travelling. Much love, respect and gratitude back to you all. Picture taken inside the beautiful ice cathedral at Hunderfossen Winterpark the day after "Ravn" was released.

A translation of the "Ravn"-lyrics

I´ve got several requests about the Norwegian lyrics of "Ravn" and if I have a translation. As I have explained to some of you I think it´s hard to make a fair translation into English because the words contains so many different shades of interpretation. Anyway here I have tried; "Raven" Words of sin Feud on Earth Darkness in the soul Unpeaceful homes The ravens of the night are watching the edges of our lives from distant fields Thoughtful words Oath on earth Calmness in the soul Peaceful homes The ravens of the night are watching the edges of our lives from distant fields Quiet now creator Let water extinguish fire Let the fields again feel calming winds Let eyes rest wh


I´m so much looking forward to one more amazing masquerade festival in Baltimore 3rd-5th of November!! This year I will share the stage with the wonderful Faun, Woodland and Adam Hurst! Find you tickets here!

NRK radio

I had a fun time visiting the radio channel "NRK Hedmark og Oppland" talking about the new single "Ravn" today. I also guested a program called "Madde spiller svensk" (NRK P1+) talking about my relation to Sweden and Swedish music.

An amazing Winterpark

The family park Hunderfossen Winterpark opened today and I´m so impressed with both the visual and the artistic expression of this years edition! If you have the chance to experience this wonderful winter wonder world of fairytales and pure ice magic I would´t miss it!

"Ravn" - new single released today!

Today I am letting my black bird fly with a message I really care about, here is my new single "Ravn" ("Raven"). Thank you for your wonderful contribution Johan Sara jr., Stig Enger, Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft, Freddy Augdal Wike, Jon Karlsen, Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Bodil Irene Blaarud and Vidar Berntsen.

Celtic Winter Night in Belgium

I'm really looking forward to more fun with Kati & Co at the "Celtic Winter Night" in Theater Wervik in Belgium next week, the 18th of February! Welcome to a musical night of joy! Photos from Festival Mediaval by Kees Stravers

"RAVN" - new single out soon

Thursday this week we will release our last single before we let the entire album "Huldreblod" start it´s own journey the 24th of April! I´m honoured to have the amazing voice of the sami musician Johan Sara Jr. joining me on this song and I look forward to share it with you all the 9th of February! Today it is the Sami National Day! A big congratulations to our brave, beautiful and colourful friends in the north, and for all who are working together to find solutions! Cover design by Bodil Irene Blaarud

Mythicworlds in March

17.-19th of March we will be heading for Seattle and the great festival MythicWorlds! We are so much looking forward to meet this wonderful audience again and to see so many great artist, vendors and visitors gathered together!

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