In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

Guest at Radio Riks Oslo

Last night Jørgen and I visited the radio station Radio Riks Oslo in our capital. We talked about the new single "Mørketid", the upcoming album and our new festival "Underjordisk Festival" that will be held in our hometown Gjøvik the last weekend of October. Photo: Jørgen, Thom Hell, Bård Wierli, Erik Mohn and me.

The new festival is shaping up!

The 29th of October we are arranging a new masquerade festival in our home town Gjøvik, and as the event approaches there are a whole lot of things going on behind the scenes! Some wonderful and enthusiastic collaborators have joined the festival, and I´m really looking forward to the realization of the very first "Underjordisk Festival" inside the Olympic Cavern Hall of Gjøvik!

A great weekend with recording

We had a great time recording for our upcoming album, and I really have a good feeling about how this is moving forward! Thank you guys for an inspiring weekend with much laughing and joy! Photo by Michael O. Enger

"Når dagen hviler"

Here is a song from our live-broadcast at NRK P1 yesterday. This song is called "Når dagen hviler" ("When the day is resting") and will be released on my upcoming album in February. Sol går ned bak mørke fjell Sov mitt barn i stille stunder Sol går ned og farger drøm Sov mitt barn mens dagen blunder

"Artist of the week"

As "artist of the week" I did a live concert today for NRK P1 in our county. The concert was live streamed on their web TV-channel and will be available one YouTube soon. Here is Stein Schinstad (the host and I in the production-room.

Festival Mediaval

One more great journey with Leaf is placed in my luggage of good memories. This time we played the opening show at the biggest medieval festival in Europe, Festival Mediaval in Selb, Germany. A wonderful festival of creativity and joy, where the power of fulfilling dreams gather people from all over the world and make wonderful spirits stronger! Thank you for now!

Germany next

This weekend I will play the LYS-show with LEAF at Festival Medival 2016 in Selb, Germany. L.E.A.F will open the festival on the main stage Friday the 9th of September. Tickets available here! Picture from Midgardsblot 2016

Ordentlig Radio

Today I talked about my new single at Ordentlig Radio in Oslo. This is a radio station specialised on Norwegian music and musicians from Norway, with listeners all over the world through the web, dab and their own app (Ordentlig Radio App). In the studio was also Asbjørn Ribe, a great musician that I have never heard before but I´m glad I did today.

To a friend who will be deeply missed

Today there will be a celebration of my friend Benjamin Grants life, who sadly left this world way too early a month ago. In May I composed a melody for him and he told me he was excited to hear it. On the flight back to Norway, two days after we got the sad message, the lyrics and title came to me and fulfilled his song. I never got to play this song for you Benny, but I hope you´ll hear it from where you are. n̓em heł wíčtmn, I will see you again, Benjamin. Recorded live at Enger Studio in Norway, August 2016. Martine Kraft: melody/lyrics/vocal/hardangerfiddle Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft: arrangements/keys

Thank you for another wonderful event

A good walk in the forest, through blueberry bushes and moorlands, by a little magical tarn on a floating stage of wood, we did another outdoor concert for Sykehuset Innlandet (the hospital in our region) by Klopptjønn in Reinsvoll two days ago. I´m honoured to have been part of an evening based on so much care and love, with beautiful scenery, fires, coffee made the "wild" way boiled inside the campfire, lovely traditional food and music. It makes me warm to see how an institution are able to share the knowledge of how to give their visitors some wonderful moments like this. Without uniforms and clear boundaries between who is working there and who is working more on the personal level, the

New single released today!

Today I´m releasing my new single, "Mørketid"! Another production has left it´s nest and is ready to find new homes in the timeless future to come. I´m proud to work with so many wonderful creative souls and wish our new released sound-wave a prosper journey. Thank you Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft, Stig Enger, my wonderful band, Adam Hurst, Knut Bjørnar Asphol, Bodil Irene Blaarud and Edel Design​! The 1st of September was in the early days considered as one of the most dangerous days during the year. Even to this day, if you happen to hear music from a waterfall it is most likely the water spirit himself, Fossegrimen, who is trying to entice people with his fiddling.

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