In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

In Japanese media!

A Japanese article about the great development in Norwegian folk music was brought to my attention, because they mention my band!!! Really nice to see how the music just lives its own life, and this time in Japan! Article by Asaki Abumi

LEAF concert in Belgium

In February L.E.A.F will perform the LYS-show in Theatre Wervik in Belgium during the Celtic Night! Buy your tickets here!

New single coming next week!

The 1st of September I will release my third single this year. "Mørketid" ("When the time is getting dark") is a song inspired by lives that has been lived, observations and conversations with people in different stages of life, wonder and expectation of what to expect when a life fades away. Like the day will rest and find comfort through the night, energies, dreams and vitality will be resurrected from a transformation through darkness. I look forward to share this song with you very soon!


Some months ago I did some vocals and hardangerfiddle tracking for the Norwegian composer Johannes Ringen and know it seems like the production team for the brand new TV-series of the Norwegian TV station NRK has decided to use the tracks. "Vikingane" will be broadcasted from the 1st of October with six episodes. This is a comedy based on the old Norwegian vikings and the norse mythology.

A great night in the Gildehall!

Last night was a blast! Surrounded by a total packed Gildehall with an amazing viking- and metal-crowd was so much fun! Thank you for an amazing reception under my midnight concert! Today I´m entering the outdoor stage with LEAF 2pm and look forward to another great day at Midgardsblot 2016!

Absorbing the summer...

With so many memories, thoughts and experiences to absorb after a month in the US, it´s good to spend some time by the Swedish cost in Fjällbacka. My family spent many summers here when I was a child and it felt really good to smell the sea and look at the same rocks as I did over twentyfive years ago. My sound engineer and guitarist, Stig Enger, just sent us the final mix for our upcoming singel, Mørketid, and I feel this song very close right now...

Midgardsblot 2016

Friday the 19th of August I will do a midnight concert in The Gildehall during the festival Midgardsblot in Borre. On this intimate concert I will share the stage with Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft on guitar and keyes, my ten-stringed "Huldrefele" and my hardangerfiddel. Saturday I will do a show with the Nordic folk band L.E.A.F. which draws upon a large array of nature rituals and rural beliefs from Scandinavia’s traditional past in their music. I look forward to this years viking festival in the park of Borre, where the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings lived, feasted, and were laid to rest. A three day blot with blasting metal and true Vikings at historic grounds. Some of the world’s le

See you again

The last stop before our travel to the airport and back to Norway tomorrow is with our dear friends in Yelm, Chief Rangingbear and his wife Whiteraven. Whiteravens art is very very beautiful and I would recommend a visit to her homepages and It feels strange to leave this country, knowing that in just some hours we will be separated from all those wonderful friends. I have to remember you are just an ocean away and hopefully soon I´ll see you all again. Something I´ve learned being surrounded by the native americans is to never say godbye. So, my dear friends and extended family, - take care and I will see you again.

The majestic Mount Adams (12281ft)

What an inspirational and beautiful place! Today we are visiting the ECETI Range in Trout Lake, Washington. Located by the base of the majestic Mount Adams (12281ft), James Gillians home is a mysterious place visited by people from all over the world. There is a long history of UFO sightings in the area going back hundreds of years in Native American Lore. An absolutely interesting experience both talking to Mr. Gillian and to observe the ongoing activities at the Sanctuary. LEGEND OF MOUNT ADAMS Mount Adams is the second highest peak in Washington, stands in the southwestern part of the state. The Yakamas called it Pahto. They claim it as their mountain. On a clear day Pahto (Mt. Adams), th

First recording with Fred Hill Sr.

The very first recording session of the collaboration with Fred Hill Sr. is completed and we got some very nice tracks. Than you Dan Myers for professional assistance and wonderful work in your studio, and Fred, it´s an honour to be on this musical journey with you!

At the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Fred Hill Sr. and I at the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute after playing at the CTUIR Rec. for the kids and community from the Umatilla Tribe. Tomorrow we will be working in a studio in Kennewick to record some songs from our collaboration!

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