In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

Nice review of "Solefall"

Today there were some really nice words in the newspaper called Hamar Arbeiderblad in our neighboring county. Read more (in Norwegian) here and here.

New single released today!

I´m happy to tell you that we are releasing our first single from my upcoming album today. "Solefall" has now arrived! The Norwegian word "Solefall" means "when the sun falls", not necessarily for eternity, but you never know... This is a song about the forces that occur when darkness comes and the light have to shy away. This is the very first recording featuring my ten stringed hardinger fiddle, "Huldrefela", made by the fiddle maker master Helge M. Bergnord. A bunch of amazing people have contributed on this release and I´m proud to have you all with me on this new journey: My producers and bandmembers: Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft, Stig Enger, Jon Karlsen and Freddy Wike. Knut Bjørnar Aspho

Concert tonight!

Join us tonight either as live audience or stream the concert through Pericope! Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at:

An eventful Saturday

This morning we did a mini "wakeup" concert for Oppland Arbeiderparti (our districts Labour Party) to open their annual meeting, a great bunch of positive and eager politicians. After this we went to celebrate the 70th anniversary of our dear friend and colleague Svein Gundersen! What a wonderful and inspiring gathering of lovely people! This man is truly one of the most generous, positiv, inspirational, humorous and creative men I know and I look forward to make more great productions and memories together with him!

Visiting the local radio station

Today Zelma and I talked about our upcoming concert with Torbjørn Dyrud and Jon Harald Gjesdal Monday night at Gjøvik Kultursenter. This interview will be broadcasted on Radio Toten Monday between 10am-11am and 4pm-5pm. You can also have a listen to my new single prior to its release the 18th of March.

Join our worldwide concert next Monday!

The 14th of March I will do an exiting concert together with three other artists from my hometown at Friscena (Blackboxen) at Gjøvik Kultursenter. The concert will be streamed directly from the four artists live TV-channel on Periscope. Everyone around the world can join this first live concert with an interactive audience on Periscope from their mobile devices. To follow us you can connect your Periscope account to: @martinekraftmusic, @zelmamusic, @torbjorndyrud and @JonGjesdal. Hope you`ll join us, live or online during the concert 21:30 (9:30pm) next Monday! You can download the app at: and bye tickets at Interna

New exciting collaboration

The american cellist and composer Adam Hurst have now released his new album "To A Darkening Sky"! I first met this talented musician in 2013 and last year we did a few songs together at FaerieCon in Baltimore (US). In January I recorded the violin track on his beautiful song "Romance", nr 7 on his new released album. It´s exciting to explore the more classical side again and to use my ten stringed hardangerfiddle this way. So, if you have not already heard his beautiful music I will recomend to visit his webpage or download his new album here.

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