In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

Great weekend in studio!

We just had a great weekend working in Enger Studio with our new single "Solefall". It will be released in March and I really look forward to show you this song!


Today we had our first two concerts in the community project "Stjernedryss" ("Star sprinkle"). It's a great concept run by the government and the district office to get entertainment into different areas like day centers and nursing homes for the elders. I really love this kind of jobs. A lovely man who soon will turn 90 years old came to talk after the concert. His whole face smiled and one of the things he said was: "For a moment I just forgot my age!" It´s wonderful to see how music has the power to let the mind go ageless for a little while, it´s just very beautiful. So thank you for letting us be a part of this and for giving the elders these precious moments!


This is an accoustic version of my song "Mørketid" that will be on my new album that we are working on now. This coming week we will record the first single called "Solefall" that will be released in March. I will to do some filming of the studio sessions, but here is first a rough recording of "Mørketid" by Nils Jørgen and me. "Mørketid" can be translated into "the time when it´s dark"...

Morning walk

This morning the entire lake was covered in beautiful white smoke. It's really cold outside and the thermometer shows -20ºC (-4ºF. Last night we video recorded a sketch of a new song that will be on my upcoming album and when I saw this frost smoke today, matching perfectly to this song, I had to film it. We might put the video out tonight.

Happy New Year!

This year started with a wonderful family vacation, it was so good to feel the warm sand and to get some bright light again. Now, we´re back up north with -15C, snow and a very grey sky, but for some reason something in me is strongly related to this cold, inhospitable long I can watch it from a warm and safe home. I feel so lucky and blessed living this life of many choices and opportunities to explore, learn and enjoy. I know this new year will be exciting with many new events, cooperations, traveling and releases. My band and I will release three new singles during this year and I can´t wait to share the first one with you already in March. So, wish you all a wonderful new

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