In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

A very special gift

When I was in Tri-Cities last week I was given this beautiful moccasins by Jim Sterling. They were given to his mother Bettty Sterling in 1967 by Cheif Yellowtail from Crow Indian Reservation in Hardin, Montana. Thomas Yellowtail (1903-1993) was a Medicine Man and Sun Dance chief of the Crow tribe for over thirty years prior to his death. His adult life was dedicated to the adherence to, and preservation of, the Sun Dance religion. It´s a great honour to receive such a heartfelt gift and I will forever be thankful and carry on the story behind those beautiful moccasins. Thank you my dear friend Jim, words can not describe how honoured I feel. The life of Thomas Yellowtail "Medicine Rock Chie

See you again!

I'm on the plane back to Norway, extremely tired and filled with impressions that will take a while to absorb. The last two weeks I have met so many beautiful people with an incredibly strong courage to face the future with new hopes and to show love. I am forever grateful and happy to know it is true when we say: " See you again!" instead of "Goodbye". My extended family has grown so much bigger during this two weeks and I am forever grateful. Ten years ago I got an email from a stranger called Paul Howard. He had heard my music and decided to write me to tell how he felt. It was heartfelt written and for some reason we just kept writing to each other. Some years ago he started to tell abou

Early morning ride to the airport

6:00 am this morning and we are traveling back to Norway. I will miss this two gentle and kind men so deeply, my dear Wizard and Cowboy so full of wisdom and passion for life. It feels good to have you in my life and I cant wait to see you again! A huge thanks for making this adventure come true, and to your families for the hospitality and fun! Thank you so much Aaron and Rebecca for a lovely 7 1/2 hours ride from Spokane to Seattle in your amazing bus! You are the best!

An amazing night in Spokane!

It has been an unforgettable amazing night with the Spokane Indians! We were invited to their Pow wow ground for a traditional feast and to share music. We were told that they never before have welcomed someone outside their own tribe for something like this, and to be invited as white people is just beyond overwhelming. We had a great evening with good food, dance and music, and more frienships where made. Thank you for your great courage to share love! Photo by Benjamin Grant

Horseback riding before breakfast

This morning started with some nice horseback riding at Jay Coates daugther Aleecia´s farm. We walked into the forest with Spot, Gypsy and Artex! Spot and Gypsy are both Appaloosa, a horse breed from the first american nation. What a wonderful way to start a new day! Thank you Aleecia!

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The first night in Spokane, we were invited to a Sweat Lodge Ceremony by a native ceremony master, a keeper of old stories, songs, and prayers called Tha Wiyunka Wakan (His Sacred Feathers). It was defenitly one of the most poweful things I have experienced til now, and even tho it was really hard and painful it was just beautiful, and I am so glad I managed to complete the whole ceremony. Thank you Tha Wiyunka Wakan for a trustful guiding of stories, songs and drumming, for sharing of your wisdom and for letting us be a part of this ceremony. We are so honoured and grateful that you wanted to give us this spiritual and physical experience. I will keep this memory with me forever. The Sweat

Moose burgers and friends

We had another great gathering of friends last night and I´m going to miss you all. Today we are heading for Spokane before we´ll travel back home to Norway. I really look forward to meet my friends in Spokane and get to know more of the Kalispel Indian Nation. Martin and Martine grabbing some moose burgers! Fred, Jørgen and I playing on our own beautiful stage built by Jay Coates. Jørgen and Paul sitting by the fire. Martin, me, Fred, Janice and Jørgen after a good evening.

Elderberry flute

Jørgen and I playing in the beautiful backyard of our dear friends Paul and Hania. This handcrafted elderberry Flute was made by Dave Clemens and has a wonderful soft and warm sound. It was given to us by the Nez Perce Indian Nation at Tamkaliks last year. (Photo by Benjamin Grant)

Breakfast at Sterlings

This day started with a wonderful breakfast at Sterlings Restaurant. A great gathering of hungry friends! Thank you Jim Sterling for supporting our upcoming concert at the Reach tonight! (Upper picture: Martin Gerschwitz, Jim Sterling, Nils Jørgen and I. Picture below: Hania, Paul, Robert, Martin, Tim,Terry, Michaela, Nils Jørgen, Dale and I.)

Another great night in the backyard

Beautiful things are happening in Pauls backyard. I´m grateful to meet so many nice people and I appreciate every minute of it. Some nights ago we had our first musical meeting with Fred Hill Sr. and tonight we met this wonderful man, Martin Gerschwitz who will do a split concert with us tomorrow night at Hanford Reach. Here he plays my ten stringed Hardanger fiddle, "Huldrefela".

Concert at Hanford Reach tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will do a concert at Hanford Reach together with Martin Gerschwitz. We will also show some songs from our collaboration with Fred Hill Sr. Thank you Burger King for letting us put up a banner!

Grand entry!

Jørgen and I carrying the Norwegian flag to represent the friendship from Norway at the Grand entry. Photo by Benjamin Grant‎.

Ghost Mountain

5:30 am his morning Jørgen and I walked up to Ghost Mountain. It was a nice two hours morning walk from the camp, in the beautiful landscape we also saw four foxes. Along the road you can see stones carrying the story of this place: Pí´amkinwaas kaa tukéywnwees Place of gathering and place to dance. A place to be together in the homeland once again, celebrating survival and remembering those who made sacrifices so we could be here today. Kiné hitéw´yeniksine núunim titlúume waqipaynix Ounr ancestors lived here a long time ago. The Wallowa Country is the ancestral home for descendants now living on the matilla, Nez Perce and Colville Indian Reservations. When the ancestors lived here, people

Just arrived

We just arrived Wallawa and made our camp close to the horses and the river. The stars are so bright, the drums and chanting so calming. Ghost Mountain stands in front of us like a giant, protecting this beautiful land. It feels good to be back!

On our way to Tamkaliks Celebration

Today we are traveling to Wallowa to attend the The 25th Annual Nez Perce Tamkaliks Celebration. Look forward to be at this beautiful place again and to play with Fred.

Our first musical meeting

Last summer we met Fred Hill Sr. when he was a master of ceremony during the Tamkaliks Celebration. Fred is also one of the leaders from the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, a great guy and a fantastic musician. We decided to do a musical collaboration, and this picture is from our first musical meeting last night. Two distant cultures blended naturally together and an exiting journey has begun.

Herb and Allyson´s amazing work

After a little concert at a lovely rehabilitation center in Richland we went to see our friends Herb and Allyson, who is working on a set of amazing murals at Adventures Undergrond in Richland, WA.

On our way to Richland

At the airport we were picked up by this gorgeuos Thunderbird, and look at the flag! Paul Howard you´re the best! On the way to Richland we stoped in a little town called Ronald near Roslyn and met some friends of Paul and eat dinner at the Old #3 Restaurant and Bar. Thanks for your hospitality Dave!

A new journey begins!

Tomorrow Jørgen and I are traveling on a new exciting journey, over the Atlantic and into the land of the native american people. I´m so grateful for all the amazing memories from last summer and look forward to build new and closer frienships, share stories and talk together through the powerful language of music. First announced performance will be at the Tamkaliks Celebration in Wallowa (OR) the 17th-19th together with Fred Hill Sr. from the Conferated Tribes of the Umatilla. Last summer we were given this beautiful flute, and this year it will be following us back to Tamkaliks Celebration. I have pictured this beautiful place in Wallowa so many times during this last year, and to know th

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