In this section you will find news and updates about Martine's artistic work including albums, tour updates and other happenings.

New Faerieworlds poster

A new poster for Faerieworlds 2015! We are looking forward to share the main stage with some really amazing bands!


I have allways been inspired by powerful nature and folklore, therefor I will update my website with stories, remedies and other exciting things from my amazingly wild and beautiful country. This is not fairytales, but stories from all over Norway where people have had similar experiences, they go on and on, and are still here!


HAPPY HIPSTER FATHERS DAY! Design by Sigi Dawn Lostimolo. Details and tickets at:

The Tamkaliks Celebration 2015!

This summer Jørgen and I will start a musical journey together with the native american musician and storyteller Fred Hill Sr. "Táwtalikś", so these days our livingroom is filled with amazing rythms and new sounds while getting to know this native culture a little bit more. This cultural exchange will be shown for the first time at this years Tamkaliks Celebration and words can not describe how much I look forward to this. Tamkaliks is a three day celebration of traditional Native American culture. It is also a place and time where local people can observe and learn about that culture, a bridge of friendship between the former and present inhabitants of the Wallowa County. Tamkaliks Celebrat

Working in the studio again!

I´m so happy to tell that we have started to work on a new album! Today we discussed sketches, tried out some new sounds and started to plan the upcoming months. As the last two albums we will produce this one in Enger Studio. We have a lot of new material, especcialy with my new ten-stringed hardangerfiddle so I´m really exited for this album to come early next year!

Four years ago

For four years ago today I played with Billy Falcon & The Sowing Circle supporting Bon Jovi at Ullevål Stadium in Oslo. We had a really good time infront of nearly 40.000 people and to experience Bon Jovi on stage afterwords was just amazing!

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