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Martine Kraft is an acclaimed Norwegian artist and composer, combining her traditional nordic sounds with raw power and haunting, dreamlike soundscapes. As well as being a virtuoso on the hardingfiddle, she is a talented composer with a unique voice. Martine has released 5 albums and registered about 250 compositions in TONO. She has been granted schollarships for professional artists and was recently supported by Innovation Norway to create the folkloristic world Spirits from Norway. In 2013 the national fund for Hardanger fiddles (The Hardanger fiddle is the national instrument of Norway) made Martine an ambassador and she was rewarded with a signature Martine Kraft Hardanger fiddle. During 2016 she will release three singles and a new full length album in February 2017.






Martine Kraft: hardangerfiddles/vocal/keyedfiddle/flutes

Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft: guitars/keyes/vocal

Stig Enger: el-guitars/vocal

Jon Karlsen: bass/vocal

Freddy Wike: drums/percussion/vocal





Solefall (Single) - 2016

Feathers (compilation CD)- 2014

Toner fra et fossefall (Book/DA) - 2013

Fragile Mind (CD/Vinyl)- 2013

For your memory (Single) - 2013

Spirits from Norway - 2011

Distant Call - 2010

Hidden Shore - 2008

Not since Griegs “Into the hall of the mountain king” has anything as mysterious and powerful been delivered from a Norwegian artist. 

The Newspaper of Trondheim 


Martine amazes with a crystalline and warm voice. Great sensitivity that takes her to 

compose an eternal music.

NAU NUA Art Magazine


With her lushly layered instrumentation and ice-chip vocals, Kraft merits comparison to fellow Nordic musician Björk, minus the twee twaddle and artsy drift.

Rick Levin, Eugene Weekly


One of the most powerful, dynamic and musically exiting bands ever to grace the Faerieworlds Stage. 

Robert Gould. Producer Faerieworld LLC


Det er en kraft i Martines musikk som ikke unngår å gripe.

Hamar Arbeiderblad 


Griper tidsånden i norsk folkemusikk.

Trine Skei Grande


"For å si det rett ut: HERREMÅNE! Martine Kraft med band kan ikke beskrives, det må oppleves. For en energi. For en stemme. For ei fele, for et band. For en OPPTUR!

Karianne Arntzen, Egersund Visefestival


Andetakande huldremusikk! Dette er musikk frå både folkedjupet, sjeledjupet og ovdjupet i 

den norske kulturen.

Lars-Toralf Storstrand, forfatter og journalist


En fantastisk musikalsk reise bygd på norsk folkemusikk krydret med drivende 

instrumentale og vokale innslag.

Lillehammer Byavis


A little rock, a little folk... and a whole lot of excellent!

Lori Gordon


Jeg har latt meg bergta, det er ingen kunst å anbefale Martine Kraft på det helvetesvarmeste.

Norway Rock Magazine







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