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Projects of Martine Kraft

Here are some of Martines main projects. If you are interested to learn more about the one listed below you are welcome to contact us here.

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Martine Kraft Band 

A new exiting folkrocksound with elements from the whole world!  


Martine Kraft has been performing with her brilliant band around the world for over a decade, combining her traditional nordic sounds with raw power and haunting, dreamlike soundscapes. Martine Kraft Band delivers a musical experiences that you will remember for a long long time!


Martine Kraft Band appears on many different scenes and occations as festivals, events, awards, openings and own concerts. Read more about the bandmembers here.


Martine Kraft is an exceptional performer with a stellar band! Her live show exploded past any and all expectations I could have." - Robert Gould, Director Faerieworlds


"A little rock, a little folk… and a whole lot of excellent! " - Lori Gordon 

"Martine Kraft Duo" 

Two creative souls, driven by the mystery of music


Martine and Nils Jørgen has been together on serverals stages around the world since 2005 and are hired to play in various occations from smaller musical performances to full concerts. They are often hired as event musicians to do artistic performances during galla dinners, lectures, exhibitions and other ceremonies and gatherings. 


"There is a power in Martines music that avoids to intervene"

- Hamar Arbeiderblad (Newspaper)


"Dancing to the beat of the Grandfathers" 

Cultural excange between a native american musican and a norwegian hardangerfiddler


In 2015 Martine and Nils Jørgen started an exiting collaboration together with the native american musician and storyteller Fred Hill Sr. "Táwtalikś" from the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. In July this summer they had concerts in Oregon and Wahington and received an amazing feedback from the audience. This collaboration is a unique blend of two distant cultures!


"Such a beautiful experience. The drum started soft, and swiftly embraced the heart. We were invited to link hands with the next. One by one, we formed a circle of friendship; dancing, all part of this precious moment"

- Erika Young, Radioactive Music

"Music from a waterfall" 

A musical storytelling about the spirits from Norway (Norwegian or English)


The characters from the Norwegian folk tales are an important part of the Norwegian cultural inheritance. Spirits from Norway wish to make the well preserved treasure of the Norwegian folk tales available to families around the world. Inspired by the folk tradition we want to pass on good values and provide rich entertainment.

Welcome to our underworldly universe, and meet the Norwegian hulder folk lead by Fossegrimen, Nøkken and Huldra herself!


"It is quite unique that it is released a new children's book based on Norwegian folk tales! Around 65 small and large people heard Nils Jørgen Nygaard convey three of the legends, and Martine Kraft performed together with Niels Jørgen music she has composed especially for this book. It became an exciting musical storytelling where the two musicians spent many different instruments: Hardanger fiddle, harp, flute, piano and guitar. The music invited children to dance and move! A great program! "

- Marit Hulleberg (librarian at Gjovik Library and Cultural Center)


On stage:

Martine Kraft - hardingfiddle

Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft- storytelling, guitar and keys



"Into the Kingdom of Peer Gynt" 

Concert-theater (Norwegian or English)


The performance is based on the legends about the Norwegian national antihero Peer Gynt, which inspired Ibsen to write his famous play. According to these legends Peer Gynt was a deer hunter who lived in the biggest valley in Norway, Gudbrandsdalen, sometimes in the 1600’s. He became famous, not only as a skilled hunter, but because of his boasting – exaggerating his personal stories about hunting and skiing in the mountains.

In this show we explore these stories, using rhythms, poetry, sound, video, puppets and shadowplay.


We follow Peer as he travels from his home village up into the mountains. On his way he meets supernatural creatures, and even rides a reindeer buck. He is seduced by Huldra, the beautiful daughter of the Mountain King, and is about to marry her. But the churchbells from his home village calls for Peer, and he finally manages to free himself from Huldra’s spell.


The show is inspired by Norwegian folklore, but we hope that children and youth of today will recognize these old stories as relevant to what they are experiencing today – regarding their own hopes and dreams, struggle and confusion to find their own path.


Into the Kingdom of Peer Gynt is the second concert-theatre Kulturproduksjoner and Martine have produced together.


Age group: From 10 years 
Duration: 45 minutes


On stage:

Karen Høye -storytelling and vocals

Martine Kraft - hardingfiddle, keyedfiddle, flutes and vocals

Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft- storytelling, guitar, trums and vocals


Script: Karen Høie
Director and set design: Svein Gundersen
Music: Martine Lund Hoel
Video: Henrik Kolind and Hilde Veronika Høie
Puppets and shadow design: Helga Meta Høie
Costumes: Denise Bredvig
Technique: Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft

"The Swans of Ireland" 

Concert-theater (Norwegian or English)


The Swans of Ireland has its origin from the mythological areas of Ireland. The story about King Lirs cursed children has the redeeming powers of art as the main subject, a power so strong it is able to free the kings children from the spell that was brought upon them, and reunite bitter destinies on both an individual and a collective level.

Mythology and music constitutes equal sizes through the performance of the tale. The text has been rewrote and is told through a dramatic monolog, constantly interrupted by music, song and shadows. The music has the shape, more or less like a symphonic poem, during the entire piece. The Swans of Ireland is the third concert-theatre Kulturproduksjoner and Martine have produced together.


On stage:

Karen Høye -storytelling and vocals

Martine Kraft - hardingfiddle, keyedfiddle, viola, flutes and vocals

Nils Jørgen Nygaard Kraft - storytelling, guitar, keys and vocals


Script: Karen Høye

Director and set design: Svein Gundersen

Costumes: Denise Bredvig 



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